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Post by {TSB} SilverSpeed (Admin) on Thu Apr 15, 2010 6:42 am

Hey there,

{TSB} Is a clan that is just a bunch of friends IRL who decided it would be fun to make a clan and as we live in Scotland, the name ThoseScottishBlokes came about.
After we played a bit, more friends who were not Scottish joined our clan.

We play for fun and not K/D(Mostly)

We all have a microphone and we play games while LoL'ing or just chat when were browsing the web.

Join the steam group! - Only Clan members can wear the tags and clan members are all Admins on the steam group - everyone else is a friend

And Sometiems we record videos and if its funny post it on our YouTube.


Our Steam Group is:

Our YouTube Page:
{TSB} SilverSpeed (Admin)
{TSB} SilverSpeed (Admin)

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